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Kansas Board of Healing Arts COVID-19 UPDATE - Temporary Emergency License

Posted 10 months ago

Kansas Board of Healing Arts COVID-19 UPDATE


In response to the COVID-19 emergency the Board of Healing Arts will be implementing a Temporary Emergency License type available for all professions they regulate.

The license will be limited to engaging in practice relating to COVID-19 response efforts and/or mitigating any effect of COVID-19.

The license will cancel in 90 days if not renewed and will automatically cease 30 days after the declared state of emergency ends.**(**Subject to adjustment by the Board)

This license type will be available for:

  • Those who hold an active license in good standing with another state (i.e. no limitations, etc.); or
  • Those who have held an Active or Exempt license in Kansas within the past 2 years; or
  • Those who have a current Federal Active license.

To read the memo from the Board of Healing Arts on the License click here

To access the Temporary Emergency License application click here

If a PA chooses to change its license from Inactive to full Active, they will need to complete a status change request: Click here for KBHA Change Form

 Please note:

  • Providers who have been inactive for longer than 2 years, they may be required to show competency of clinical skills.

All other Board forms are available here