Kansas Academy of Physician Assistants

Physician Assistant Council Open Position

Posted 6 days ago

The Kansas Physician Assistant Council, which serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of Healing Arts on PA related matters, currently has one open position for a physician assistant.

This Council position is appointed by the Governor and is for a three-year term. The Governor considers persons from different geographical areas and persons who represent various types of practice settings for this appointment.

The PA Council consists of five members: One member is a physician appointed by the Board of Healing Arts who is a supervising physician for a physician assistant; one member is the President of the Board of Healing Arts or a person designated by the President; and three members shall be licensed physician assistants appointed by the Governor.

The Council meets in Topeka at least four times a year and each meeting may last up to two hours. The Council conducts peer review on disciplinary cases and evaluates public policy involving the PA Practice Act. Some compensation for travel may be available through the Board of Healing Arts. 

KAPA is required to submit a recommendation to the Governor with the names of PAs for at least twice the number of open positions. So, with one open position KAPA needs to submit at least two names, generally we submit at least three names for consideration by the Governor.

If you might be interested in serving on the PA Council and would like KAPA to consider your name please email the KAPA office and include a short bio. The KAPA Board will review the names and prepare a recommendation. Please let us know of your interest before August 5th.

Once your nomination in forwarded to the Governor’s office by KAPA, you will need to complete an application, which is available here if you would like to review it. Governor's Appointments Office Link