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Posted over 1 year ago

A change was made to the Physician Assistant Practice Act in Kansas and it is a good one for PAs.
Kansas Administrative Regulation (K.A.R.) 100-28a-14 has been modified effective March 8, 2019.
The regulation deals with physician supervision in a different practice location or offsite setting. 
The previous regulation language in subsection (b) required a Kansas physician to provide medical care to patients in person at the different practice location at least once every 30 days.
In many settings this regulatory condition proved problematic and the Kansas Academy of Physician Assistants worked with the Board of Healing Arts, Kansas Medical Society and Kansas Association Osteopathic Medicine to eliminate this burdensome requirement.
After two years of work and hearings before the Board, we have successfully removed the 30-day requirement.
Instead of mandating a physician be present on regular basis, the regulation now expects a supervising physician to be available to a PA for guidance, direction, and coordination of activities. And this may be done through either electronic means or physical presence.
Below is the complete language of the revised regulation.

Be sure to note this for your practice agreements.
If you have any questions please let KAPA know.


100-28a-14. Different practice location. Any physician assistant may perform acts that constitute the practice of medicine and surgery at a different practice location if all of the following requirements are met:
(a) Before providing any services at the different practice location, the physician assistant shall have spent at least 80 hours since being licensed under the direct supervision of a physician licensed in this state. 
(b) The supervising physician or substitute supervising physician shall remain available to provide guidance, direction, and coordination of the activities of the physician assistant. This availability may be provided by electronic means. 
(c) The different practice location shall be listed on the active practice request form required by K.A.R. 100-28a-9. 
(d) Written notice that the different practice location is staffed primarily by a physician assistant shall be posted in a location where the notice is likely to be seen by patients. 
(Authorized by K.S.A. 65-28a03 and 65-28a08; implementing K.S.A. 65-28a08; effective, T- 100-2-13-01, Feb. 13, 2001; effective June 1, 2001; amended July 22, 2005; amended, T-100-12- 10-15, Jan. 11, 2016; amended May 6, 2016; amended March 8, 2019.)